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Research Platform

Technological innovation leads the future, and intellectual property creates wealth.
Nowadays, science and technology is constantly changing, deeply changing human life. Matrix leads scientific and technological innovation through enterprise scientific research platform.
Over the years, Matrix has been bringing in advanced scientific and technological talents, configuring various advanced research and development equipments, promoting industry-university-research cooperation, increasing investment in research and development, strengthening intellectual property rights and achievements protection, etc.
Focus on establishing the Fine Chemicals (Matrix) Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong,now a scientific research platform with unique style and significant effect is forming.

Matrix attaches great importance to technological innovation cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, hire experts and professors from universities and research institutes as R&D technical consultants, focusing on the frontier fields of new energy and new materials, and develop new products in partnership. Launched a series of highly competitive products to help the incubation and implementation of the achievements of scientific research institutions.

Building Guangdong Fine Chemicals (Matrix) Engineering Technology Research Center, and focus on the research and development of various fine chemicals, including advanced ceramic materials, new energy materials, advanced nanomaterials, advanced catalysts, advanced polishing materials, and semiconductor thermal conductive materials , powder metallurgy materials, etc., to provide customers with a full range of functional new material.

Matrix owns polymer thermal stability test chamber, polymer rheological laboratory, chemical analysis laboratory, thermal analysis laboratory, chromatographic laboratory, ICP, hydrothermal LABS, dry powder, high temperature furnace atmosphere LABS, nanotechnology laboratory, equipped with advanced r&d and testing equipment at home and abroad, including gas chromatography, thermogravimetric analyzer, polymer rheometer, Polymer double roller testing machine, hydrothermal reaction kettle, radiation tester, ICP emission spectrometer, spray testing machine, high temperature atmosphere experimental furnace, double power intelligent nano grinding machine, etc. Set up the pilot workshop, with the ability to quickly transform the pilot results into large-scale production.

Core Technologies

With years of theoretical exploration and practical experience,MATRIX has been acquiring, appling, and innovating the related new materials technology gradually, acquiring chemical synthesis technology, catalyst structure design technology, hydrothermal reaction technology, nano-fabrication technology, powder metallurgy new material design technology and other core technologies. In the future, MATRIX will continue to drive development with innovation,base on new energy materials, , try the best to meet the growing demands for better human life with excellent high-tech products.

new materials
  • nano-fabrication technology
  • catalyst structure design technology
  • hydrothermal reaction technology
  • acquiring chemical synthesis technology
  • powder metallurgy new material design technology

R&D Trend

Our products' development direction includes advanced ceramic materials, new energy materials, advanced nanomaterials, advanced catalysts, wafer polishing materials, semiconductor thermal conductivity materials, powder metallurgy new materials, etc.
Service in the fields of semiconductor electronic ceramics, hydrogen energy, lithium-ion battery, building materials,clothing, Electronic chips, communications, powder metallurgy, etc.To provide customers with a full range of new functional materials solutions.

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